Tuesday, August 13, 2013
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I am SO excited to take the opportunity to update, rebrand, and kick off the next era of my Photography!  I decided to kick it off where my passion with photography began, my 5th Grade Field Trip to Shiloh National Military Park in Savannah, Tennessee. "The Journey that began at Shiloh"... 

 That's ME on the left, pigtails and all!  (I still LOVE braids by the way ;) ...)  One of my ALL TIME favorite teachers, Mrs. Laura Jane Wright (no relation either, by the way) took this picture for me.  You can see her in orange by the cannon.  I was just a kid when I fell in love with photography.  On this particular day my Mom allowed me to take our family camera along with me on our class field trip.  As I look back at these images I laugh at how I had already begun to pose my friends and use the rull of thirds!

In those early years I had my hands on several different cameras.  One of my favorites was my Kodak Pocket 110!

AND THEN ... along came very first SLR Camera!  This was made possible by my boyfriend, Craig Wright.  He gave this to me as a gift the Christmas after I graduated high school in 1980, a Canon AE-1.  I knew I was IN LOVE for sure, and not just with my future husband to be! ;) ... 

I captured this "self portrait" in my bathroom mirror, of course!  (LONG before all of A.J. McCarron's bathroom mirror shots FOR SURE.)  This image was also captured using my first roll of black and white film.  I wandered around my neighborhood shooting anything & everything!  

After the AE-1 came an upgrade to a new Canon of course.  Is there another brand of camera?!? ;) 

And now we fast forward to 2007 .... I had a wonderful opportunity to travel with a team to China to teach English.  We taught in a somewhat remote area that is actually considered "Inner Mongolia".  I was the only person on my team shooting film, and I came back home with more than 30 rolls of film that I had taken.  We were even delayed in Japan thanks to a typhoon, and I had to go in to one of their camera stores to purchase more rolls! LOL! ... 

When I returned from this incredible adventure I knew in my heart that God was calling me to a "Career" in photography.  Somehow inside I crossed over from being "just" a Hobby Photographer to wanting so much more.  With the encouragement of my husband, I quit my job, and went back to school as a full time student, at the age of 45.  I completed my Associates Degree in Photography and Film Communications in December 2010.  I have always been a student of photography, however, I wanted to learn more extensively in an organized, classroom setting.   

My husband, Craig, captured this image for me.  I kept my film camera with me and he had my Canon 40D taking pictures of the graduation.  


I officially launched my business in 2010 under the name of Tina Wright Photography ....


NOW... Meet my family ...


My husband, Craig... My youngest son, Austin ... My oldest son, Alex

Marley, Buckli, Kidli, Saban(Austin's Dalmatian), and Duncan


The journey continues to be exciting!  Thanks for travelling along with me as we stop moments in time ....